From day 1, our company’s vision was and will always be clear and simple;

We focus completely on developing and delivering the best technologies, and services to you (our clients) at the best possible rates.


Lermont found that due to the volatile state of most commodity prices in the market right now, that most mines are cutting back on expenditure in order to keep mining at a profitable rate. We have therefore focused on developing better and cheaper products in order to assist you (The mining industry) in this manner.


With the technologies we have developed in road dust control, misting systems, evaporators, fog cannons and new dry dust control techniques, we have proven to provide better quality products and services at simply better rates (90% or more savings, in some cases).

Combined with our extremely high quality of service standards, there is simply no company that can compete with our offerings.


Lermont has developed the first and only eco-friendly water (Rain) resistant road dust control product, which is both extremely easy to apply, and cost effective. Imagine a Bitumen based road (a Tar road if you will) but without using any bitumen or petrochemical additives or mechanical scarification), which is ecotoxic to the environment, and corrosive to vehicles when applied while traffic is moving. This is the case with emulsified bitumen roads on mines today.


Additionally, we have added a news and mining-tip page on our website, so that you can keep up to date with mining news that will be relevant to you, and we will post articles to assist you with designing your own misting system, or tips on building the perfect haul road, and other how-to articles.


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