If you are in the mining industry anywhere in the world, you would most likely answer yes to the question asked


It is no secret that mining creates dust, but what are you doing about it?


The Mining and Mineral departments in all countries have recognized that dust is a real big problem when coming to employee Health and the environmental impact of dust.


 Some mining companies have also realized the production losses created by road dust due to reduced visibility on haul roads. 


Additionally uncontrolled airborne dust also increases running cost substantially, due to damage caused to any and all moving machinery when dust particles find their way into grease and lubrications on gears and bearings. The results of which, can be extremely expensive and detrimental due to the hazards and dangers employees are exposed to should major equipment failures occurs.



Lermont has developed the first and only eco-friendly water (Rain) resistant road dust control product, which is both extremely easy to apply, and cost effective. 

Before any application

After only 1 application

Dustalane is an enhanced concentrated natural co-polymer blend product which is 100% biodegradable.


Standard Dustalane is a highly popular dust palliative due to the ease of application on all road conditions, and a high-performance standard compared to other natural road dust control products. Additionally, Dustalane also has a high resistance to dilution or rainfall compared to other natural products.


  • Eco-Friendly

  • 1 low application/dosage ratio per day only

  • Water Soluble 

  • Washable with water

  • 100% Biodegradable

  • High rainfall/water tolerance

  • Does not have to be mixed in or scarified into the road surface

  • Easy application process. Spraying with the Water Bowser only.

  • Easily handled, and stored

  • Easy to dose the water bowsers with dosing stations

  • Any water bowser can apply Dustalane 

  • Moving traffic is preferred during the application process, in order for compaction. No road closure neccesary.

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Eliminated risk in regards to product handling/dosing

  • Eliminated risk of water contamination or environmental damage, even with spillage.

  • Enhanced tyre traction

Application protocol


All our products are applied by simply adding the product via a gooseneck (Dosage station) into a water bowser which contains water already. The product is then applied to the road by simply spraying the product/water mixture onto the road surface, as usual with normal water applications with a water bowser/tanker.


Preferably, Dustalane, requires a pre-treatment/initial stabilisation dosage.

The pre-treatment is applied within the first 2 days of the first applications.

Altough a Pre-treatment is recommended, it is not a necessity. Normal maintenance applications as prescribed at very low dosages (Due to high concentration, SG of 1.18Kg per litre) will gradually stabilise the road surface and build the surface crust formed, over a week or two, depending on weather & traffic conditions 


Maintenance applications are applied once per day (Standard application frequency).

No additional water applications are required.

Dustalane is one of most cost effective products on the market.

Due to the high SG (Enhanced quality) of the product, all deliveries are weighed both at our plant in KZN and/or Mpumalanga and on site if possible, ensuring product quality transparency.

Zero petrochemical additives are added to Dustalane to enhance performance, as it is not necessary due to the high quality/performance of the natural co-polymers in Dustalane.

Lermont ensures that our clients only receive the best grade products, due to zero water dilution methods in the manufacturing process.

Our dosing stations & how they work


Waterproof Product

Are you having trouble with the department of mines and minerals because of Road Dust emissions?


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